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Meet Beau Artson


Beau Artson has been working with local Chicagoland businesses for the past 20+ years.  Beau attended Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL with a focus on computer science and marketing.  Over the past 20+ years as a sales executive he has consulted with local businesses to help them grow and meet business challenges.  He has held sales positions such as national account executive, major account sales manager and in his most recent role as an indoor air quality specialist. 

One of his favorite quotes is “Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice”.  He has built his career around understanding a client’s needs first and making recommendations that are based on the client’s goals, not his own.  It’s all about “under-promising and over-delivering for my clients”.

Beau is with ScentAir, who is the global leader in scent marketing and indoor air quality solutions.  At ScentAir we help our clients with the consumer experience.  Consumers crave rich experiences when interacting with a business.  A buying experience that creates an emotion can’t be replaced with technology. Our sense of smell is linked to memories.

We work with brands like Westin hotels, W Hotels, Under Armour, Waldorf Astoria, BMW, WeWork, Boston Childrens Hospital, Hilton, just to name a few.

How can ScentAir and Beau help?

  • Studies show that a pleasant scent increases mood by 40%- Who doesn’t want people in a good mood right?
  • We can help boost sales by 11% in retail environments
  • Scent is tied to emotion and memories- We can help create a lasting impression
  • Indoor air quality is very important, especially these days.  We have a solution called ION Protect which purifies indoor air, kills pathogens, removes malodors, removes allergens and creates a safer workplace.  Additionally, this technology deactivates Covid-19 in the air by 99.8% within just 30 minutes.

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Contact Beau Artson
Cell: 847-452-8790

Health Practice Advisors · 5045 N Harlem Ave · Chicago · IL 60656


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