Dental Consultants Chicago


The Health Practice Advisors Team can help you in all facets of starting, running and maintaining a successful Dental Practice. Ranging from Acquiring New Dental and Orthodontic Patients, Bank Financing, Legal Representation, HIPAA Compliant IT (Information Technology), Acquiring New Dental Office Locations, Healthcare and Dental Waiting Areas Furniture ,Dental Billing and Collections,Valuation and Transition specialists and HR solutions.



#1 Acquiring New Patients

We can help you bring in new patients and help you keep them. Simple right? Not necessarily. It can be a challenging task, particularly for new Dental Practices. Your dental office can’t run without patients. Whether you own a private or group practice, the level of competition is high. We can help your Dental Office acquire new patients from Google( SEO and PPC), Facebook and Social Media, Geo Fencing, YouTube and All other Digital Media Channels. For help acquiring new patients please contact Scott Davis



#2 Legal Services For Dental Offices


Principal attorney and Health Practice Advisors President Michael V. Favia  was a former Chief Attorney at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation for many years working with the Dental Profession on all types of licensure and regulatory matters. He and his associates have a deep understanding of the dental profession and work very closely with their clients to provide experienced counsel and representation.

We have extensive experience assisting dental professionals with their contracts, transactional matters and all licensing related issues (i.e. investigations, hearings, appeals)



#3 Bank Financing


We have what you need to know about dental practice loans and dental equipment financing if you are a new dentist starting out or dentists that have an established practice. We also can help you with general business and equipment loans to dentists and other dental practice owners. For help with dental office bank financing contact Sam Zanayed



#4 Dental Office Real Estate


Should You Buy or Lease a Commercial Space for Your Dental Practice? When building or buying a Dental Practice, it is important to weigh your options to determine whether you should lease or buy the space for your practice. For help with your Dental and Healthcare commercial office space needs please contact Barbara Ellis-Racic



#5 Dental Office HIPAA Compliancy, IT and Cybersecurity


What is your Dental Office doing for HIPAA compliancy? Dental offices need an IT partner that can provide them with advanced security solutions and resources, guaranteed response times, limited downtime, and one that understands the necessity of HIPAA compliancy in modern dental practices. If you are looking for a HIPAA certified IT partner that can guarantee these promises, please contact Juan Carlos Bosacoma from our team.



#6 Health Care and Dental Office Patient Waiting Area Furniture


Is Your Dental Office Waiting Area Comfortable Enough?

Is your Waiting Area or “Patient’s Lounge” a place where your dental patients can relax, grab a hot coffee and settle down into comfortable furniture and relax? If your office does not provide a relaxing good user experience you may want to consider talking to Harry Psilopoulos on our team.


#7 Dental Collections with No Percentages! Any Patients Owe You Money ?
Karla Weisberg has represented TSI Inc. over 26 years. They help businesses nationwide recover slow and late paying receivables (including unpaid insurance claims) without charging any percentages. Many of her clients are Doctors and Dentists. About 7 years ago, their team and Karla received a very special recommendation for TSI: The American Medical Association. Karla will maximize recoveries, boost cash flow and enhance your client experience.  If you need help with your billing and collections for your Dental office please contact Karla

#8 Dentist Valuation and Transition Specialists


At Aptus Exchange, we’re management consultants, valuation experts, transition specialists, and marketing professionals.

We’re entirely focused on generating a strategic, client-tailored result to every project. It all starts with partnering with the practice owner, guiding him or her through entrepreneurship, growing the business, managing maturity, and ultimately shepherding the doctor through a successful practice exit. Through a complete and integrated suite of service offerings, Aptus aligns the business of the health care practice and the Dental profession together.

For any questions please contact Michael Errin Rios or Adam Borgetti from Aptus Exchange.


#9  Dental Office HR Solutions


Toni and her team at Insperity provides a wide range of business performance solutions, enabling business owners to be more efficient, systematic and strategic about the role people play in the success of a company.  Our dedicated team is here to help you navigate employee benefits, HR admin and payroll, risk management and so much more.  Partner with Insperity’s unmatched service team of dedicated HR professionals including an HR specialist, Performance Specialist, Payroll Specialist, Safety consultant and Manager of HR services to take your business to the next level.

For any questions please contact Toni Gatz