Alan Shifrin, Attorney at Law

Alan is the owner/manager of Alan H. Shifrin & Associates, LLC based out of Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Their practice is a legal ‘dinosaur’. That is, it is a general practice firm. They have found that representing businesses has allowed them to offer various areas of law necessary for small to medium size entities, such as: corporations, real estate acquisitions, collections, estate plans, traffic or criminal defenses, divorces. Their office can provide professional expertise in any of those areas. With their extensive professional network, they can refer other types of cases to other legal professionals.

Their firm is a group of licensed attorneys and paralegals that Alan started over 35 years ago. Alan graduated from the John Marshall Law School in 1975. He created a private practice in 1981. Over the years, he has grown a client base reaching out to small and mid-sized businesses. The second and third generations of those owners and employees utilize his legal guidance for their companies and themselves as individuals. His firm is here to protect everyone and safeguard them from any errors or problems that develop or may develop on a go forward basis.

Alan takes great pride in assisting my clients and advocating and negotiating on their behalf. While he maintains an active family and social life in the Chicago and Florida areas, he is always available to assist his clients in their times of need.

Alan’s presentation will be a general discussion as to why an attorney is advisable in our society. Examples of prior dealings and the horrors experienced by past clients will be used to demonstrate this need. Questions by anyone in the group will be welcomed.

Alan Shifrin