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With over 23 years of experience in contract workplace technology, furniture, and supply industry, Harry Psilopoulos brings a wealth of knowledge, accessibility, and resourcing to every environment.

Since 1998, Harry has remained an advocate to improving the experiences of workplace & specialty facilities, continuing to grow and diversify his realm of knowledge and application of ergonomic, universal, and sustainable contract furniture & supply to all types of industries.

Harry’s success began as a sales rep under Innovative Office Products, where he worked with clients that required specialty items, particularly ergonomic monitor arms. These clients were mainly manufacturers focused on development within the healthcare, government & technology areas.

After transitioning into a product specialist role at Humanscale Corp., he gained insight and developed options to enhance and improve user experiences for the corporate office, healthcare, and financial clients he worked closely with.

His already vast knowledge pertaining to the growing needs of workplace environments prompted his next transition into working for Woodtronics, a specialty technology desking company that provided great insight into the benefits of transitional workspaces. His client base expanded into financial trading floors and command & control environments in the healthcare, government, and corporate arenas.

In 2014, the urge to create more equitable and sustainable workplace options for all users in workplace environments led to the beginning of his own specialty-based Manufacturer Representative Group, aptly named Relevant Furniture Technologies ( The success of their approach to providing leading innovation and ergonomic options into the user workplace quickly led to the addition of a sister group, Relevant Hospitality Collection (

Both Relevant groups maintain relationships with partner manufacturers that offer a wide array of products that continue to advance the movement of a healthier and more sustainable workplace for each type of specialty and/or industry.

Perhaps the most recent success has been in the recognition of importance in healthcare facilities for all users, patients & staff alike. Most notably, Relevant has been gaining momentum in addressing the issues of office, lounge & reception areas of specialty healthcare facilities, particularly their expansion into providing products that create a more environmentally kinetic approach. Recent incorporation of acoustic, lighting, and biophilic elements into practices and waiting areas has proven to be another successful endeavor, perhaps leading to a third Relevant group focused solely on enhancing the users of all healthcare types?

The Relevant group has a 5,000 SF showroom located in downtown Chicago, IL.  By appointment only, a specialized experience is created for each type of client coming to view the innovative and ergonomic ideas that many of the leading manufacturers have to offer. 

The focus on bringing healthy working environments together with technological advancements remains at the forefront of the entire Relevant group.  You can visit our showroom online at

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