Karla Weisberg Accounts Receivable Management 

Karla has represented TSI Inc. over 26 years. They help businesses nationwide recover slow and late paying receivables (including unpaid insurance claims) without charging any percentages. Many of her clients are doctors and dentists. About 7 years ago, their team and Karla received a very special recommendation for TSI: The American Medical Association. They would be very happy to show your company a simple and easy method to increase profits without increasing your client base.

Karla’s Personal Background

  • Degree in psychology & sociology from Northeastern Illinois University
  • Karla has 2 grown sons, a criminal attorney and a working actor, both of whom she is very proud of
  • Karla has also volunteered at a local food pantry for over 2 years and enjoys helping people
Accounts Receivable Management Karla Weisberg

Contact Karla Weisberg

Phone: 847-212-4048

Karla Weisberg
TSI Inc.
150 Field Drive, Suite 200
Lake Forest, IL 60045