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May you be seeking a trusted path from practice ownership?  Are you wondering what your practice is worth?  Would you like an explanation of the different options to succeed from ownership? 

Please meet Rex Plamann- Tenured dental professional representing DDSmatch in Greater Chicago and the Northern lllinois market. With over 30 years of experience serving dentistry, Rex brings a passion for the dental profession and a wealth of experience supporting dental practicioners.

During that time, Rex has built a strong knowledge base of how a dental practice operates by studying thousands of practices. Before joining DDSmatch, Rex served as a General Manager for 18 yrs at Patterson Dental in Cleveland, OH and Chicago, IL. 

He is a licensed Business Broker and Real Estate broker in the state of Illinois. Rex is a 1993 Graduate of the University of Wisconsin- Madison, is an outdoor enthusiast, and lives in Elmhurst, IL with his wife and two children.

DDSmatch specializes in connecting buyers and sellers by integrating tremendous relationship capabilities, using their unique Trusted Transition Process, supported by a robust website and professional advice.

We can assist with:
-Practice sales
-Practice mergers
-Dental partnership agreements
-Associate Placements
-Dental office appraisals
-Succession Planning
-Dental Real Estate sales

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Dental Brokers Chicago

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